Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I switch races after I have already registered?
No, unfortunely due to chip timing, runners will be unable to switch race events.

2. Can I pick up my race packet or can I register on race morning?
Yes, Runners can register on race day... Race day registration opens at 6:30am and closes 30 minutes prior to each race.  For pre-registration there will be a pick-up area just west of registration table.

3. Can I wear headphones or use an i-pod during the race?
Yes, we allow headphones/ipods.

4. Can I get a refund on my registration fee?
The policy is no, however, you are still entitled to your race packet.

5. How old do you have to be to run in the events?
Open to all runners of any age or ability.

6. What kind/ flavor of sports drinks will be offered?
No sports drinks will be offered. We will have bottled water and we will have refreshments like watermelon at the finish line.

7. Can I walk the 5K or 10K?
There is a 5k fitness walk (non-competive) so we recommend if you are going to walk this is the event for you.  But if you choose to walk the other events, we will not stop you.

8. How do I confirm my entry?
If you have pre-registered, please call and see if your entry has been received. 

9. Are strollers allowed on the course? 
Strollers are not allowed due to safety and traffic concerns.

10. Where are the port-a-potties located on the course?
There are NO port-a-potties on the course....but there will be several port-a-potties around the picnic grounds for Runners.

11. What are the time limits for each event?
There are no time limits for each event.

12. Is there camping available?
Yes, camping is available. Please click here for more info.